Jerry Jäppinen

Berlin, DE

I do concept design, product development, user research and consulting in diverse teams, for a diverse set of clients. HTML5 is my bread and butter. After 10 years of UX design in web, mobile & games projects, I still create cool things while teaching myself and others every day.

I currently work in product design in Berlin, Germany. I'm also available for interesting freelance projects either locally or remotely.

Something amazing is brewing.

I'm currently leading the product design of the media agency DCMN in Berlin.

I write about my work, design, tech and digital services. Follow me on Twitter and Medium.

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What I do for my customers

I design and create concepts

I ideate and develop new product concepts. I design visuals, user interaction and ideal workflows.

I research and test

I research product concepts and validate assumptions that rely on user behavior. I user test design solutions to ensure that products are delivered in a usable an emotionally resonating form.

I teach and coach

With workshops, blog posts and hand-to-hand guidance, or bespoke audits and reports that give customers insights.

I make complexity approachable

I work with extreme complexity and will find a way to deliver complex domains and functionalities to users in an understandable and pleasurable format, be it domain-specific enterprise use cases or consumer-oriented applications.

Product design pipelines

I create design materials as part of scalable product design pipelines that include designer workflow, prototyping and collaboration and asset deliveries. If you’ve heard people talk about design systems, that’s all part of it and more.

I code real products and tools

I write clean and scalable frontend code. Fast. I’m an HTML and CSS expert, a professional Vue.js developer and familiar with React projects. I'm very comfortable with modern web tech stacks and can contribute to architecture and backend development.

I create things every day

New breed of product management

The Jira alternative that just works.

Vue, Jest, Nightwatch, Sass, SVG, GitBook.

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Read digital comics with the most elegant comic experience on iOS.

These are some of the companies and clients I've worked for. See my full project history to learn more.

I wrote this site with Vue, Nuxt and Contentful. Smooth sailing.